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Hey guys so i updated the mod and i added 2 new mobs and some other stuff. Hope you like it!


Cobblestone*9 -> NeoCobblestone*1

NeoTech by Dyonovan, pauljoda

Ore Processing


This is an example mod

Neoteric by Aesen "unascribed" Vismea

A set of convenient pre-init functionalities, like a version checker and session verifier.

Neptune Splash Api by JavaMatrix

Allows users to create their own splashscreens

Nerd Alert by Reflxction

A mod which I have literally no idea why I made it.

NestMod by braders31, MCreator

This is an mod for greyjusticar

Net Weight by UpcraftLP

Fishing with a twist

Netakiri Bed

Special bed for those who hate nights

NeteaseAntiAddictionGuiFix by ZekerZhayard

Fix some mods that the gui will be gray in Minecraft Netease Edition.

Nether Chest by mangoose

A counterpart to the ender chest, useful for mass storage