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Nutricraft by TheBaloneyboy, TehLiquidToast

The Nutrigrain bar, a simple yet delicious any-time food. This mod adds many things relating to said bar, as an ode to it. (Nutrigrain® is a registered trademark of Kellogg NA Co)

Nutrition by Wes Cook

Nutrition is a highly configurable mod to enable the creation of health systems in Minecraft.

NuttyTweaks by TehNut

Nut's custom pack tweaks



NyaSama Electricity by NSDN

NyaSama electricity mod.

NyaSama Optics by NSDN

NyaSama optics mod.

NyaSama Railway by NSDN

NyaSama railway mod.

nOresPlus by NoiKioN

Adds multiple more ores and items to your gaming experience.

nVoid by Vashmeed

Generates the nether as a void.


Esse mod Ă© exclusivo


This is an example mod


become a ninja


Mod do Naruto Jungle