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Noel Mod by YourmMediocrePal

A Christmas mod. [WIP]


This mod is in alpha

NoggsCraft by NoggsCraft

NoggsCraft with different blocks and items

Noire Magic by Spirit


Nokia3310 Modu (Batuhan Celik)

Minecraft Nokia3310 Modu

Nomadic Tents by sky01

Pocket dimensions -- set up your tent and keep everything in it!

Nomagi by TehNut, InsomniaKitten

Nomisma by Ferreus Veritas

A simple currency mod.

Non be Gon by Sk1er

Hides chat so you don't see non donors

NonEvaporation by Parly

Wanna farm in the Nether? This mod can help you!


Still in development but you can still use ie

Noob VS Pro by MorelPlay, MCreator


NoobCore by KitsuneAlex, BeastLe9enD

Library mod for all TND mods.

Noodle by Wyn Price

Adds a simple yet fun new worldtype, consisting of noodles