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Nintendo Mod by Spripri15, Link1234Gamer

Add few Nintendo Consoles


Nintendo Switch Mod for 1.7.10


This is an example mod



Nnmr Note Block Mod

Note Block as NNMR

No AI Spawn Eggs by Darkhax

Adds spawn eggs that spawn mobs with no AI.

No Auto Jump by Jacky1356400

Simply forces Auto-Jump to be disabled!

No Bat by Java_Power

remove all bat world

No Caves! by Tage

No Caves! is a mod that gives you control over Terrain generation events by either canceling or letting them run

No Collide Carpets by Lyes Oussaiden

Stop those carpets from being so annoying!

No Coords by Lomeli12

Removes your coordinates from the debug overlay.

No Creeper Destruction by Ethel173

makes creepers go boom but not destroy anything

No Cubes

This mod improves Minecraft's blocky look.

No Damage Immunity (NoDamI) by ProfHugo

Take all the damage!

No Debug 5 You by quaternary

Prevent mods from rendering things to the F3 debug screen.