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TerraMine by iJimmy198

TerraMine is bassed in the Incredible game of Terraria. Venture into TerraMine and have fun for hours with all the new items that this mod adds ... Magic, bosses, weapons, tools and much more is that you'll find in TerraMine!

TerraMisc by Powerman913717

§bThis mod adds additional functionality for use with TerraFirmaCraft §a0.79.20.§r


This is an example mod

TerraThaumcraft by TaeoG

Compatibility overhaul for Thaumcraft to make it work with Terrafirmacraft


This is an example mod

Terraback Mod by JOO200

Analyse Shop Histories


Mod adds new terracotta blocks to the game with the latest version of minecraft.

Terraformer by MrkrakAK

Terraforms the world width the use of RF energy

Terrain Control

Advanced custom world generator. Based on R-T-B's PhoenixTerrainMod, which itself is based on Bucyruss' BiomeTerrainMod.

Terrain Crystals by DrasticDemise

Terrain Crystals Addons by DrasticDemise

Terraqueous by ShetiPhian


This mod adds Terraria Items into minecraft. Hope you enjoyed it!


Full Terraria Game in Minecraft!