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The Miners Friend by Eurymachus

Assisting your Mining since 2013

The Mod That Let's You Punch Wool Off Sheep by Lemons

The Mod That Let's You Punch Wool Off Sheep

The Morbid Reborn by FiskFille

Adds the Morbid Harvester into your game.

The More Bricks Mod by thehen101

A simple mod that adds more bricks of different colours.

The MoreDeco Mod by MrCoolCraft, MCreator

A mod that adds in roleplay stuff!

The Mystic Silvers Mod by KonnerKraft

Adds various deifferent silvers (currently four)

The Narrow Gate by Noobanidus

Allow horses to pass through the narrow gate to salvation.

The Nether Mod by XavierDD

this mod is a work in progress.

The Next Leap Mod by Kane_Hart

Mod created for The Next Leap Modpack

The Nexus Multi World by supercat765

Adds Many configurable Worlds to the Nexus

The Offhanded Gamers by GoodieBag, MCreator