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TooManyBricksMod by oskar, MCreator


TooManyDanyOres by CatDany

Too Many Ores? Solved!


Enforce the ore dictionary by making ore types drop a single unified block.


In Future Updates, here will stand all the new items and Blocks


Adds 15 new plants to the game, most of which have useful properties besides looking nice!


Adds many new spiders into the Minecraft Game.

TooMuchArmor by avocadojoe

ever feel like there is not enough armor in minecaft? this mod allows you to craft armor out of lots of materials from vanilla minecraft!


Control over Minecraft's day/night cycle4

Tool Asisted Speedrun Mod by tr7zw

Enables to play prerecorded frameperfect inputs

Tool Cycle by Relvex

Turn those golden items you get from pigmen to ingots.

Tool Grade by Lomeli12

Makes vanilla tools require the previous tier to craft them.