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Tooltips by GenuineSounds

Tooltips is a client mod that adds in-world tooltips over items on the ground.

Toon's in Minecraft by AaronJohnson, MCreator

ToonTown Mod

Adds ToonTown features to MineCraft.


Alot is fixed


Adds topas tools

Topher's OreCraft by Topher2001

A mod made by Topher2001 that adds cool ores and stuffs.

Tophers OreWorld by Topher2001

This mod adds new ores and more.


Die ist die echte TopiaMod

Topkek Mod by tucsok007

This mod adds 6 varieties of edible topkek to your game. Each one of them fills 4.5 hunger points and has a different special effect.

Torch Bandolier

So many torches!

Torch Lever by Cleverpanda

A torch that's also a lever

Torch Levers by HitchH1k3r

Adds several concealment and trap style blocks to the game.

Torch Optimizer by kreezxil

A mod visualizes the light level on top of blocks for the optimum placement of light sources.

Torch Placer Mod by McKiller5252

Two words: magical swag. Oh, and a Torch gun.