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Third Person Camera by spacechase0

Tool allowing you to manipulate your camera in third-person mode.

Third Person Elytra by pauljoda

View your flying

Third Person Mod by ezterry

A BSD Licence Mod, To force the game into third person mode

ThirdPersonEverything by CreeperShift

ThirdPerson Boat and Elytra

Thirst Mod by tarun1998

Thirst in Minecraft.

Thirsty Bottles by Darkhax

A mod to make water bottles as thirsty as I am.

Thistle Computer by gamax92

65C02 Architecture for OpenComputers.

Thor - SHIM by Colossali

Become part of humanity's greatest avengers as THOR!!


This is an example mod

Thread Dump Mod by johni0702

Allows the end user to create thread dumps at the press of a button.

ThreatChecker by despawningbone

Display a player's power in various forms