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The Betweenlands by Angry Pixel

Introducing The Betweenlands... a dark and hostile environment. This large and expansive mod adds a whole new dimension to the game.

The Borderlands Weapon Mod by IrunoHatake

The Borderlands Weapons Mod for Minecraft!

The Brisingr Mod by Baraxor, MCreator

The Brisingr Mod

The Cactus Mod by Mrbysco

A ModJam 2018.1 mod.

The Camping Mod 2.0 by RikMuld

This mod adds a some camping elements to minecraft

The Camping Mods

this mod adds a some camping elements to minecraft

The Chicken Came First by JamiesWhiteShirt

No, the chicken came first.

The Clay mod by KeeperofMee

Expands the usage of clay in minecraft.

The Construct by LatvianModder

The Cook Mod

§2You want more food,§1 this is your mod !

The Corrupted Sector by tonius11

A Forge-based 'corrupted world'-themed mining world mod. Provides a new dimension that exists to be wrecked, destroyed and drained of resources.

The Crazy Chunks Mod

Is that a dungeon? Oohhh...