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The Purple Stuff by MrPurple6411

Total Cheat Stuff

The Questing Mod by Notifly

A tool to make quest tracking easier. Displays the quests of the game/lobby you are currently in. Features: - Displays your quests for current or specified game - Displays another player's quests - Displays general Hypixel stats about the player API key needed to allow access to the Hypixel API.

The RC Mod Demo

The RC Mod is an advanced Remote Control vehicle addon for the game Minecraft.

The Revival

Introducing a way to go back and use some of the simpler stone.

The Riot Mod by dracominer

start a riot!

The Ritual of Chess by Katrix, Arekkuusu

The S'mores Mod by ComputerFreakDelta

Adds S'mores, Marshmallows, Chocolate, Graham Crackers, and a few other items to the game!

The Sabotage Mod

Have you ever wanted to prank your friend, or mess up an enemy's base? This is the mod for you! Adding poison food and trapped Crafting Tables and Furnaces, this mod is perfect for your pranking needs.

The Scaffolding Mod

Adds cheap scaffolding to Minecraft.

The Shredder by 33kingkiller

This mod adds a new block into the game called 'Shredder' that allows you to shred useless stuff into useful stuff.

The Sixth Sense by

Alerts on entities, blocks and players in the neighborhud

The Sod Mod by Wizard, PurpleChin

Making dirt a little more useful.