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The Scaffolding Mod

Adds cheap scaffolding to Minecraft.

The Shredder by 33kingkiller

This mod adds a new block into the game called 'Shredder' that allows you to shred useless stuff into useful stuff.

The Sixth Sense by

Alerts on entities, blocks and players in the neighborhud

The Sod Mod by Wizard, PurpleChin

Making dirt a little more useful.

The Spice of Life by squeek

Encourages dietary variety through diminishing returns.

The SpotLight Mod by kevin_68

The Star Wars Mod by - JavaBuckets Corporation

The Star Wars Mod V.5 is out!

The Star Wars Mod by JavaBuckets


The Stone Eater by TheVirtualGamer

Extremly durable pickaxe for VeinMining

The Stuff Extension by lillobby6

A mod adding tons of stuff!

The Titans Mod by Enderman_of_D00M

A mod that adds 18 gigantic Titan mob bosses to your world.

The Tool Charging Mod by mardiff712

In another super OP mod, you can now charge your tools for the simple price of 133 iron and 4 diamonds!