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The Heaven Mod by Radioavtive llamas, MCreator


The Herobrine Mod

Well not much to say, check out my Android Herobrine Games!

The Human Mod by mrnerdman281

Adds hostile enemy humans that will attack you, and friendly humans that will fight monsters with you.

The Hunt by Arkif

A hunting mod for Minecraft, the hunt is on!

The I'm Recording Mod by heldplayer

Adds icons to the Minecraft GUI that displays if players on a server are recording if they tell their client they are.

The Infinibox: Core by TheModderDen

The core and backbone for the Infinibox modpack.

The Instant House Mod by JavaBuckets - Thom

The Instant House Mod adds in Items and Blocks which canbe used to create Instant structures meaning you don't have to build them yourself!

The Iron Apples Mod by FleaRex

Adds a variety of effect giving apples.

The Jack in a Box Mod

The Jack in a Box Mod adds in a variety of boxes used to generate random objects

The Jam Machine by WorkshopCraft, AtomicBlom

Update Me when surprise ruined.

The KFC Mod by _TheGreatEye_

Adds KFC, KFC blocks and a KFC dimension

The Kitchen Mod

The Kitchen Mod allows you to make fully customizable modular sandwiches. With each layer you put in it, the more it heals your hunger. And you might be lucky to uncover on of the special cominations.

The LIFE mod by ItsAMysterious

This mod makes Minecraft more like the Real Life! Later you will be able to communicate through a completly new ingame-communication system with TV,Telphone...

The Last Sword You Will Ever Need by dracominer, IncertusDei

A mod that allows you to harness the power of the ender dragon using swords. These swords are an endgame tool so you wil need to beat the ender dragon multiple times