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TF Simply Magic

A Mod that adds a simple magic system.

TF2 Dispenser by pitman-87

Adds TF2 Dispenser to Minecraft... yay!

TF2 Items by Teotw

Health and Ammo Pickups à la TF2 in Minecraft. Built: 12/12/13 05:06 PM

TF2 Mod

Adds TF2 Items to Minecraft

TF2 Sentry by pitman-87

Adds TF2 Sentry to Minecraft... yay!

TF2 Sentry by pitman-87

Adds a TF2 Sentry to minecraft

TF2 Stuff Mod by rafradek

Characters, weapons

TF2 TeamAddon by pitman-87

TF2 TeamAddon for Teleporter, Sentry and Dispenser... yay!

TF2 Teleporter by pitman-87

Adds TF2 Teleporter to Minecraft... yay!

TFC Animals Plus by ァ6Bletchァr

ァbThis mod adds the entities in the Animals Plus mod into TerraFirmaCraft ァa0.79.18.ァr

TFC Botania Compatibility by vidaj

Integrates Botania with TFC

TFC Crop Index by Peffern

This mod alters TFC's crops system to allow for easier extensibility

TFC Cupelling Mod by §6meltafire§r

§bThis mod adds additional refining by smelting recipies for use with TerraFirmaCraft §a79.20.§r

TFC Engineer by Fair

Terra firma craft engineer addon

TFC InGameWiki Addon by §6AnodeCathode§r

§bThis mod adds InGameWiki support for use with TerraFirmaCraft §a0.79.21.§r

TFC Metal Index by Peffern

Extend TFCs metal system for better extensibility