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Third Person Elytra by pauljoda

View your flying

Third Person Mod by ezterry

A BSD Licence Mod, To force the game into third person mode

ThirdPersonEverything by CreeperShift

ThirdPerson Boat and Elytra

Thirst Mod by tarun1998

Thirst in Minecraft.

Thirsty Bottles by Darkhax

A mod to make water bottles as thirsty as I am.

Thistle Computer by gamax92

65C02 Architecture for OpenComputers.

Thor - SHIM by Colossali

Become part of humanity's greatest avengers as THOR!!


This is an example mod

ThreatChecker by despawningbone

Display a player's power in various forms

Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear

Add Gear and Dual Sword.

ThrowCraft Reloaded by Aggurai

ThrowCraft - The power is in your hands! The epic 1.0/1.1 mod that gave people the unique ability to cause chaos with eggs and bombs has finally been updated... and its time to wreck some havoc!