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Toolbox Addons by Wolfie_Waffle

More content for Adventurer's Toolbox.

Toolrack by reginn

Tools And Weapons Plus 2

This mod adds a new ore and some new tools and weapons.

Tools Done Right by NukeDuck

Adds new tools and items to the game, including gems, obsidian and end tools.

Tools For Everything by ostpol

Adds Tools for many Materials in Minecraft.

Tools Mod by Xnet/Dentsor, RUBIDDXX, Popill, Oxey/Mineaworld, mira03, mr_burn

Flann Gaming's Tools Mod.

Tools Mod 3 by mamba2410

The third rework from the ground up of Mamba2410's Tools Mod


More tools, more ways.

ToolsCombine by S4lad

Combine Tools...


Adds More Swords And Other Tools To Minecraft


The best mod


ToffeeCraft Mod


Some Futureistic Tools for minecraft!

Tooltip Filter by Librazy

Tooltip Plus by alalwww

Display the simple items tool tip when having it.