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Thermal Science by Creysys

Adds various science related machines and recipes.

Thermal Shade by Ferreus Veritas

A small mod that patches the Thermal Dynamics implementation to work with ShadersModCore.

Thermal Singularities by WanionCane

bringing Thermal Singularities to Avaritia!

Thermal Solars by JoltEffect

Simple Tiered RedStone Flux Solar Panels

Thermal Strong Box fix by AtomicStryker

Turns any creative Strongbox TE into a basic one

Thermal Tinkerer

A unique kind of insane Thermal Expansion addon.

Thermal Tinkering by SamboyGaming

Allows casting of Tinkers' Construct parts in the Thermal Expansion fluid transposer.

Thermionics|Core by Falkreon

Creative Industrial Automation

Thiakil's Universal Wrench by Thiakil

One Wrench to rule them all. Because you should only need one.

Thicc Entities by WireSegal

A mod that allows you to configure entity size.


In this mod, I add everything I miss in Vanilla Minecraft, like new ores, materials and tools.


This Adds A Lot of Things

ThingsThatMatta by Ellpeck

A mod that adds things that do stuff

Thingummies by squ1b3r

Things... Thingies... Thingummies...

Thinknoodles mod by Thinknoodles, UnstoppableN

Minions and noodles

Third Person Camera by spacechase0

Tool allowing you to manipulate your camera in third-person mode.