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Addons by Vytex0

AlbianOnline's Addons

Adiecta Materia by CleverNucleus

Adds a few custom blocks and items, private mod.

Admin Trade by StevenSeegal

An easy way to allow users to craft items witch requires banned items in the recipe. Server admins can setup the recipes in-game.

Admin Weapons

Add so much fun weapons for server operator/administrator/moderator.

AdminCommandsToolbox by ProfMobius

Some admin tools like pregeneration and chunk purging.

AdminCommandsToolbox by ProfMobius


This plugin adds sign shops for users to buy items.

AdminTools by Thatgunnerkid, MCreator

This is an example mod


This mod adds adminium and a bunch of ways to mess with it!

Adobe Blocks by BaneSavage AKA Killjoy0593

This Mod Adds Adobe Blocks (Block - Stairs - Slabs - Furnace - Tools) And Much More!

Adobe Blocks 2 by The_Fireplace

Adds adobe blocks and other stuff of adobe

Adryd Friends Mod by Adryd

A Mod For Friends To Identify Eachother on servers