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This mod adds adminium and a bunch of ways to mess with it!

Adobe Blocks by BaneSavage AKA Killjoy0593

This Mod Adds Adobe Blocks (Block - Stairs - Slabs - Furnace - Tools) And Much More!

Adobe Blocks 2 by The_Fireplace

Adds adobe blocks and other stuff of adobe

Adryd Friends Mod by Adryd

A Mod For Friends To Identify Eachother on servers

Advaced tools by kemo_gameing, MCreator

Hope you like the mod

AdvanceBase by MCAdventureCity

Example placeholder mod.

AdvanceTime by Noel Williams (Neometron)

New administrator control over in-game date and time.

Advanced Addons by sblectric

Useful additions to Advanced Swords

Advanced Anti-Cheat by pia3333

Anti-Cheat Guard

Advanced Armoury by Flenix

Complex weapon system mod

Advanced Brewing by MewK

Industrial brewing and additional potion usages.

Advanced Cables by gggamer

A little mod I made that adds a more interesting way to transfer rf.

Advanced Capes by HD

Advanced version of cape mod.

Advanced Chimneys by Endertech

This mod adds chimney pipes through which smoke from a fire or furnace goes up into the air.