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Splatoon and new World!!

ASM by CreSerty, kremnv8

Decorative mod

AStyles Blocks by joklbash

AStyles blocks.

AStyles Items by joklbash

AStyles items.

AStyles Stuff by JoklBash

AStyles Stuff.

ATLCraft Candles Mod by ยง5AllTheLayers

Candles and related items.

ATM Expert Tweaks by al132

Tweaks for All The Mods Expert Mode

ATM Rockhounding by GlobbyPotato, al132

Re-write of the mod Rockhounding: Chemistry by GlobbyPotato for the ATM Expert modpack, with permission

ATOP by DelirusCrux

Armor and Tools for Biomes O' Plenty.


A Mod For All The Sky


This mod adds ATVs to Minecraft

AVTTRUE:Informator by avttrue (

Show Buffs & Enchants, Held Item information, Time & Moon Phases, Blocks & Mobs information, etc.

AWH Haggis Mod by UltimateDillon

Adds Raw, Cooked and Golden Haggis items into the game!


AWP mod (no dragon lores)