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ActionBar Extension&Swapper by MasterBit

Add two swap keys, left and right. Also add up to 18 additional swap keys to load single slot-items into the hotbar. There is also a preview key, by default set to left alt: it shows on screen the custom keys item-slots with the key binding associated (just use it, it's very simple to understand). Finally you can customize the keys in the controls menu of minecraft vanilla, and customize the mod settings in the config file named <actionbar_extension_mod.cfg>

Activator by Shadowfacts

Automatic clicker

ActiveTime by Simon_Flash

Simple Playertime Tracker

Actually Additions by Ellpeck

A bunch of random stuff added to your Game to make it even more fun, exciting and add some more variety!

Actually Baubles by Jacky1356400

Baubles capability for Actually Additions rings!

Actually Mod by RapidEv

Le mod de RapidEv 4 Axalev.

ActuallyComputers by canitzp

Ad Aqua by BlayTheNinth

Ex Nihilo Addon. Adds a wooden crucible for creating water out of plants and fruits.

AdBlock for Hypixel by Kevqn

Block annoying ads and messages on hypixel!

AdMinecraft by Veillardt

Remote Control for Minecraft Forge

Adam's Diamondite Mod by Adam Macdonald, , ,

The Diamondite Mod adds new items, ores, blocks, tools, weapons and food!


make adamentium!


This is an example mod

Adan Mod by glorkfoo/Iezoria

The Adan Mod


Add more microblocks to Forge Multipart