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Any Dimension Mod by luxluxdev, MCreator

Create dimensions made out of any block!


You can make a dimension of any block you want!

Anyseed by AtomicBlom, Rorax

A seed back that picks from 5 different seeds

Anywhere Travel Door by つてと (Tsuteto)


AoE Miner by hage

Area of Effect Miner.


Biome Bundle for the modpack Ages of Time

Apathetic Mobs by whizzball1

Mobs never attack you.

Aperture by mchorse

Enhanced camera mod

Aperture Craft by UltimateKevin, Jammy780

Cores. Potatoes, Buttons and more!


This are the drinks from the awesome Game Portal Stories Mel. Go check it out! :D


This is a mod from Aperture Labs.



Apiary and Honey by queekusme

Realistic Beekeeping and Honey Production.

ApocaBuckets by Cryption

The apocalypse in a bucket

Apocalypse Dimension by aidencuneo, MCreator

This mod adds the Apocalypse Dimension! It also adds a thirst bar and currency to the game. This mod adds new blocks and items to Minecraft, all of them obtainable in the Apocalypse Dimension.


Apocalyptic Weapons Pack

ApolloMod by FlashHUN, Candrom

Custom Mod that adds in items for Naruto Apollo: Ninja Life.