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Ancient Weapons

Uncover the ancient legends buried deep beneath the world of Minecraft...


Ancient Foods are found into stones, they each contain there own supernatural power!


add AncientLandGolem and TerraGlove

AncientMod by Libroru, MCreator



a mod with a new item called anceint coin

AndCore by Andante

Core for AndAnte's Mods


Angel Mod by StoneDzn

Example placeholder mod.

Angel of Vengeance by Tamaized

A Magic Based Minecraft Mod about being a Healer


It will be used to mix mod

AngelRing 2 Bauble by Portablejim

Make the Extra Utils 2 Angel Ring into a bauble

Angels & Demons by monkeyfunk26

Adds new aesthetic armor pieces, that also have unique effects/abilities.

Anger Management by Lothrazar

Pigmen calm when you die, and might rage when you mine certain blocks.

AngerMod - Angry neutral mobs by Namikon

Define blocks/events where friendly/neutral mobs shall become angry