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This mod adds pizza, rolls and baked cookies

Anti Dupe by joserobjr

Anti GameShark by Oortcloud

Prevents connection from clients which contains GameShark for Pixelmon

Anti Swear by TrenTech

Prevent players from swearing

Anti double click by Gabik21

This mod prevents you from clicking wrongly

Anti-SPAM by @karlthepagan

Suppress server advertisements and minimize repeated warnings

AntiAFK by Mareckoo01

AntiAFK mod

AntiCheat Mod by LaoChen

Anti cheat mod.

AntiCheat Mod 4 by Izzel_Aliz

AntiCheat Mod 4 - MD5 Client Mods Verification


Antimatter and energy.

AntiFrontView by Snapples

Simple mod that removes the reverse third person view.