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AgriCraft Mob Drop Crops by Belgabor

Provides AgriCraft compatibility for Pam's Mob Drop Crops.

Agriculcraft-L'agriculture Minecraftienne ! by Yann BLANC

Vous en avez marre de ces minimales capacités d'agriculture ? Essayez-donc ce mod !

Agricultural Expansion by Lionel775

A simple mod which allows you to obtain resources using crops.

Agriculture by Freyja, RebelKeithy, Shadowclaimer

Agriculture is an expansion of the cooking, farming, and hunger systems in core Minecraft.

food hunger

Aid Kit by PayBack, Mr01Luki

HG Mod


Helps you aiming your bow.

Air Overhaul (Drowning is Drowning) by Mark719

This mod makes it so you die when you drown, like you know what actually happens... The first bit of drowing damage you take will kill you instantly.


Glowing Invinsible Block & Key

AirMattress by Echo343

Sleeping on an air mattress will not set your spawn point.


Enter short description here


Adds Armor made for flying


Travel Higher Than Ever Before!


Addons for Airports


A simple vape mod for Liquescent


This is an example mod

AkaneSlimeMOD by 内藤 キリエ@Biome's ruler Akane

ウチナー セヤナーモッド ヤデー