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AbyssalCraft by shinoow

This mod adds new things to the game, including a new dimension and a overworld biome.

AbyssalCraft Core by shinoow

Library used by AbyssalCraft mods - contains API as well

AbyssalCraft Heads by shinoow

A simple mod that adds head icons (items) for AbyssalCraft entities (except the Depths Ghoul).

AbyssalCraft Integration by shinoow

A mod that handles AbyssalCraft integrations.

Academy Monster by Paindar , voidcl

What will happen when monsters is an ESPer?

Access Chest by Ato

New accessible chests anywhere, with huge sizes, a sorting function, searching function and so on.

AccessTweaks by Jay Avery

Tweaks to improve accessibility and usability.

Achicraft by ElectricThinker

Wield an etherial resource to manipulate the world.


This is an example mod