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AccessTweaks by Jay Avery

Tweaks to improve accessibility and usability.

Accidentally Circumstantial Events by Zavvias

Custom events mod

Achicraft by ElectricThinker

Wield an etherial resource to manipulate the world.


This is an example mod

Achievement Books by vsbmeza

For map makers who are creating a diverse world with many options, putting all achievements in one single book might not make sense. This mod adds the option for multiple books.

Achievement Get by killjoy1221

So many achievements

AcidBiome by Frederick404, MCreator

Adds Acid Biome And Dimension [Buggy]

Acidic Mod by Frederick404, MCreator

Enter short description here

AcidicBiome by Frederick404, MCreator

Acid Biome and Dimension

Acl's Mania by red_nugget, Aclrian

Extends for the same name modpack./nAnd adds things that are red

Acro's Tactical Explosives by Acrogenous A.K.A acrominer

A mod that adds more explosions to the average minecrafter's life