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AESecurity by DrummerMC


This mod gives you fake blocks. (More info coming soon)

AFarmK by Sqbika

I'm just tired of holding shift + left mouse button.


This is a small mod that adds a couple new items to the game. Hope you enjoy!

AGP by AnDwHaT5, Nick, Jay113355, Simon_Flash

Another Gym Plugin




AHO - Adventure Humans Online

AIRI by Ri5ux


AIRI Industrial Extension by Ri5ux

AIRI submodule (up to 1.9.3)

tech addon

AIRI Terrain Extension by Ri5ux

AIRI submodule (up to 1.9.3)


AJGaming Anti-Cheat by Phoenixx

Mod Created by Phoenixx. Discord: Phoenix#5518 All rights reserved. Copyright(2018)

ALOHT 2 by Auitypio, MCreator

A Lot Of Helpful Things

AM-Trains by Ale_Max, VinciSchmidt

Train Mod by Ale_Max