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The Golden Shaft modpack compatibility mod


Aesthetic Effect by Silly511

Adds a bunch of small utilities that you can use to create an array of different visual effects.

Aesthetics+ Mod by Medic_Gaming

This mod adds in some aesthetic blocks as well as the chisel tool, a beast of a pickaxe.

AestusCraft by kiljacken

A Minecraft mod revolving around the collection, movement, use and storage of heat.


This mod is Bulgarian

Aether Aspects by Brendan Freeman

Adds Thaumcraft aspects to the Aether.

Aether Fixes (AeFi) by Aesen "unascribed" Vismea

A set of compatibility patches and other such tweaks for Gilded Games' Aether II mod.

Aether II

The mod includes amazing features such as our advanced party system, our vastly redesigned dungeons, and much, much more. 

worldgen dungeons pvp survival tools

Aether Legacy by 115kino

Aether Legacy, a fan update of Aether I which has been revamped for the latest version of Minecraft. This version of the aether includes multiplayer support to play with friends and others alike.

Aether Legacy Addon by Raptor__

An addon for the Aether Legacy mod which adds Skyroot crafting tables, doors, trapdoors, chests, ladders, and more.

AetherCraft by iconmaster

AetherCraft is a mod about aether.

AetherCraft 2 by iconmaster

Manipulate the Aethers for fun and profit!

AetherWorks by V0idWa1k3r

An addon to Embers by Elucent that introduces Aether shards - a rare and valuable material you can process with Embers to create truly powerful tools

Aetheric Expansion by SuperKael

A simple mod that allows you do obtain items from outside of the Aether from within the Aether

Affinity Wars by TerdyTheTerd

Random things for Affinity Wars

Afraid of the Dark

What will you do when...?