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AutoJump Keybind by mariot7

A mod that adds more foods to the game.

AutoJumpAutoOff by Bennyboy1695

As the mod name suggests this just simply turns off the AutoJump when a world is loaded or server is joined!

AutoL by DanceDog

Be the most toxic player on Hypixel

AutoPackager by smbarbour

Autocraft recipes made of a single item type

AutoPaths by T.S. White

Make paths as you walk!

AutoPickup by Furgl

Allows items to be picked up automatically or blacklisted and never picked up.

AutoPrinter by Lucas_gamer13

Print Automatico

AutoRegLib by Vazkii

Automatically item, block, and model registration for mods.

AutoSowseed by ecru

Auto sow seed

AutoSprint Mod by RedPer

Allows you to always sprint after pressing a keybind.