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Always Drop Loot by Sargun Vohra

Make mobs always drop exp and loot, regardless of cause of death.

Always Eat Mod by suppergerrie2

Makes it so you can always eat food, even when you are full.

Always Online by Zeitheron

Allows modpack makers to connect their players using a host.

Amalgam by mm4cc

An API for using amalgam, a liquid created by melting down materials

Amazig Lib by AmazigJj

A small lib mod for all my small mods!

Amazing Stands by Code Shaper

Jazz up your armor room with... AMAZING STANDS! More fun and more options!

AmazingChicken by Draco18s

Adds chickens to TF Labyrinths


Mod adds a special pic when we right click on a block it's destroys and supplies a drop.


Amazing Syringes for MC 1.7.10


This is an example mod


This is an example mod