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Augmented Interactions by pau101

Interact with the world differently


Allows Changes to items


This is an example mod

Augury: Technical Magic by Brandomine, Techgeek1019

magic and tech finally made love :P

Auraddons by Alexander

An add-on to Nature's Aura

Aurangine's Tweaks by sky1362, MCreator

Aurangine's Tweaks is a mod for Aurangine's Skyblocks


This is an example mod

AurionsVoteListener by THEJean_Kevin

A votifier listener for Sponge

Aurora by ColdFuseon

A mod by ColdFuseon.

Aurora GSI by Wibble199

Game State Integration server designed for Aurora (but could be used by other applications).

Aurum Regum by OriFairyfire, MCreator

The ultimate material

AuthMe Login by Indeed

A GUI for AuthMe to help player login

AuthMod by ExampleDude

Authentication mode for recent forge.

AuthenticFood by Rene8888, EXSolo

Another Food mod :D

Autism Acceptance Mod by SoniEx2

Mod written for Autism Acceptance Month.

Auto Compressor by illiath

Block compressor powered by RF.