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Architect by Sangar

Make building repetitive things easier.

Architect's Friend by TheBrazillianForgersTeam, TheFreeHigh (Code), Armelin (Textures)

Pixel Arts, Big Builds, doesn't matter. With Architect's Friend you can build it!


Distinguished architectural features for your Minecraft buildings.

Archmagus by Agadar

Archmagus is a Minecraft mod which adds a variety of obtainable spell books to the game.

Archonia by Grand_Opal

Adds many features to you world to become more mystical.

Arcrops by IrresoluteArkia

Adds a few crops to make life easier :)


A mod with 100+ Mods including 30+ New mobs,25+ wepaons and many unique blocks.

ArdaCraft Blocks by dags_

The ArdaCraft custom blocks mod! :D

ArdentCore by Aurilux

Library mod used by all of Aurilux's mods


Enter short description here

Arduino by WatermelonPL, MCreator

Are You Being Watched? by §3ZombieEnderman5 and creepersgalore

§3§oDo You Ever Feel Like You're Being Watched?

Ares by johnsama

A bigboy mod made for bigboys


Mod argent


This is an example mod

Ariadne's Thread by IronPike

The thread will lead you home, sweet home.


This is an example mod