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Dazzle by quaternary

Some lights???

Dbrown55's Vehicle Mod Addon by Dbrown55

Adds vehicles from various movies/TV shows. See CurseForge post for more info.

De-Extinction Mod by De-Extinction Team

Bringing Extinct life forms to modern day Minecraft (We are alive!).

DeUped Mod and Foodz++ by iC4Motorbiker, Gameur9z for amazing Textures!

Thanks for downloading this Mod! It took a ton of trial and error with the help from my amazing Dev Team! When I say trial and error, I mean like it would crash because I thought you could craft with Potions... But you can't. Anyways I put so much of my time and effort into making this mod! It couldn't have been done without the support of you, The downloaders.

Dead Cells by Martacus

Dead Cells inspired mod

Dead Man's Abyss by Pyrofab, UpcraftLP, RiverLeviathan

Ladysnake's entry for MMD's 2018 spookyjam event

Dead Mess by dmf444

Filling the world with blood. Removing all vegitation, that is us!

Dead Wood by Cleverpanda

Mod made for Morpheus1101's packs


a mod based on TheDeadBush

Deadbush Tools by Arionas_MC

This mod adds powerful tools and a powerful mob to your game !!!

Deadcraft by Dan123, MCreator

Deadly Weapons

Deadly Book mod by xZakem

Some books may have been enchanted by TNT Wizards

Deadly Dimensions by OCDiary

This is a mod that simply applies a potion effect to players in different dimensions. Its fully customizable in configs too!

Deadly Feesh by Lyeoj

Cute, cuddly, and 100% deadly

Deadly Monsters by radek

Nightmare Creatures Description

Deadly World by FatherToast

This mod adds a few world generation features like  landmines, silverfish veins, lava pockets, and things that shoot arrows everywhere, all using blocks and features included in vanilla Minecraft!


Deagggle by ChickenJOE, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is an example mod