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DupleCraft - Duple your World!

This awesome mod lets you duple, or double, items!

Duplicate Entity UUID Fix (DEUF) by CAS_ual_TY

Changes UUIDs of loaded Entities in case their UUIDs are already assigned (and removes log spam)

Durability Check by dJomp

Warn if a tool is at low durability

Durability Notifier by Mrbysco

A minecraft mod that notifies you when your durability gets at a certain percentage

Durability Show by Six-One-Three

Shows durability of tools with advanced tooltips off.

Durability Viewer by Giselbaer

Creates a HUD that shows current item durability, arrow count, and inventory slots


This is an example mod

Dust by Mowmaster

Crystals spawn naturally in the world,they can be used for all manner of things.

DustBox by eyeq


Dwarven Candles by EnderiumSmith

Adds Dwarven Candles for easier explosion mining

Dwarven Proc by Blitzsy

Recreates the previous incarnation of the proc from Robert "Urealms" Moran's Minecraft game Dwarves Vs Zombies.


Adds Dwarven Weapons and Armour to the game! As well as Tools!


This is an example mod


The completed update to my mod based off of Highschool DxD including items and armors fromall three seasons!