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Linkseyi's ModMaker


This mod add the power to turn dirt into diamonds


This is an example mod


Make tools out of dirt!

Dirty Diamonds by LEVIATHAN

This is Dirty Diamonds and the basic functionality of it is to allow you to make diamonds from dirt, but wait its not that simple you must go through a decent process of smelting and crafting to do so, it is easier than finding them but not too easy. WHAT THIS MOD ADDS: Athan Ore Athan Ingot Athan Tools Athan Armor Athan Sword Igneous Rock Fragments Igneous Rocks Diamond Shards & an Obsidian Rod.

Dirty's Cotton by BigDirty1985

Just a small cotton plant for getting string.



DisableSkeletonHorse by ryantheleach

disables skeleton horses when gamerule doMobSpawning = falsecan also remove skeleton horses on chunk load, using /gamerule removeSkeletalHorseSpecial thanks to

Disaster Craft by Dr_Castafole, leventreur, lucifers62, wizardofemerald

Generation of a devastated world with no ocean, no river and no grass...

Discarnate by Virtuoel

A mod where you let spirits control your body to do tasks

Disco Mod by EnvyingGolem47, MCreator

Just my disco stuff mod! ALPHA VERSION


Let's get this party started!

DiscoTek by heldplayer, mbl111

A mod created by Team Bleigh for ModJam 2013

DisconUtils by Disconsented

General Utility's mods

Discord Bridge by Hy

A Sponge plugin to connect your Minecraft server with Discord

Discord Chat Processor by Reflxction

A mod which processes and filters messages from the Discord bridge.

Discord Mod by Kopa

My second mod

Discord Rich Presence by Alwyn974

This is a Discord Rich Presence for Minecraft