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Dartcraft Reloaded by BURN447

A Reboot of the Original Dartcraft

Darty Base by Darty11

A base mod containing various things use by multiple mods.

Darty Potions by Darty11

A mod that adds new potion effects to minecraft. Effects are used by other mods. Currently, this mod does nothing to effect survival unless another mod uses its effects.



Darwin by Manchou

This mod add mobs with genetics.

Dashing Dashboard by Glasspelican

Posts server statistics to a dashboard powered by

DatMod by xlxAciDxlx

A mod of miscellaneous bits & bobs, gadgets & gizmos.

DataCircuits by tm1990

DataCollector by Mikee

Silly little client-side mod Mikee wrote to extract recipes and images from his local client




Diamond lookalike!

Davinci's Vessels

Craft and create your own ship... And sail it across the seven seas!

Dawn of Time by grand_gibus

The great Millénaire mod. Millénaire is a mod about exploring the world and help custom villages to grow.