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Dimensional Resources

Dimensions by Calenria



This mod adds in overpowered dimensions!


This is an example mod


Fixed bugs: changed craft

Din's Flat top mountains reviwed by din

Mountains with a flat top


Plays a sound once the client has loaded to the main menu


A Dinosaur Mod Unlike the Rest!

Dinocraft by Bonkersboy2018, MCreator

Dinocraft is a mod that brings all things dino into minecraft including dinosaurs and workspaces even DNA and more!

Dinosaur Dimensions by sky01

Time traveling fun!


This is an example mod

Dipo's Money Mod by Dipo, ProsteJakub

Minecraft mod that adds Euro money to the game. It contains coins from 0.01e to 2.00e and bills from 5.00e to 500.00e.

Diracon by Precursors

Precursors's First Mod.

Direction Torch by ecru

Direction Torch

DirectionHUD by bspkrs

DirectionHUD is a client mod that shows a magnetic compass heading at the top of the screen.

clientside HUD opensource

Directional Redstone

One block, one vision.