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Double Your Swords Recipes:


An extension to traditional Vanilla Minecraft.

Douglas Forest by EnderiumSmith

Adds a Douglas Fir forest biome

Dr Corester by DrMeepster

A library for my mods.


Dr. Dialgas Interesting Ites Mods Has The Most Interesting And Unexplainable Items Ever!

DrSquidsGunModv1.5.0 1.12.2 by DrSquid97, MCreator

A gun mod

DrZhark's CustomSpawner by DrZhark, Bloodshot

Allows mods to take control of spawning of custom mobs

DrZhark's Magic Carpet Mod by DrZhark, Blockdaddy

A Magic Carpet of your own

DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod by DrZhark, BloodShot, BlockDaddy

This mod adds many more creatures to Minecraft


This is an example mod

Draco Animus by LRA10, wildbill22

Minecraft from a dragon's eyes!

Draconic Additions by FoxMcloud5655

Adds various Draconic Evolution items to help with your mid-game without being OP. Fully configurable.