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Door Break Fix by Rivvest

Fixes the bug where the broken animation of a door lingers around after the door is broken or the zombie has moved on

Door Gear by Cly_Faker

Armor and tools made out of doors!

Doors O' Plenty by Murded1

Adds door variants for the Biomes O' Plenty materials

Doragenai Mod by PrimeGaku

Doragenai! Doragenai! :)

Dorito Mod by By: Jul2040

Official Mod of Dorito Squad.

Dot Connector

Connects the dots between Fossils and Archaeology Revival and CoFHCore's retrogen.

DotAuthBypass by hac_k_kons

liquidbounce is freedoooom

Dota 2 items by Hunternif

Still a work in progress, this mod aims to recreate items from Dota 2 in Minecraft, keeping as much of their original look-and-feel as possible.

Double Door Mod by kirsybuu

Enjoy Double Doors, Double Trap Doors, and Double Fence Gates in Forge!

DoubleJump by K4Unl

Double jump on command!


Does the /lobby command twice. Created for the Hypixel server.


This mod add to game ore x2 = double ore.


Double Your Swords Recipes:


An extension to traditional Vanilla Minecraft.