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Diracon by Precursors

Precursors's First Mod.

DirectConnect by iLexiconn

Direction Torch by ecru

Direction Torch

DirectionHUD by bspkrs

DirectionHUD is a client mod that shows a magnetic compass heading at the top of the screen.

clientside HUD opensource

Directional Redstone

One block, one vision.

Direwolf20 9x9 House Mod Revamped by MattsMc

The Direwolf20 9x9 House Mod Is Now Revamped For 1.7.2!

Dirt Bikes And More! by rich1051414, Models by JoeTheAntiPro

A dirtbike and jeep mod originally written to compliment the JurassicCraft modpack on the VoidLauncher.

Dirt Deco by Kreezxil

Building blocks using grass and dirt!

Dirt2Path by mallrat208

Want Paths? Have Dirt? Great News. With Dirt2Path when you right click on a Dirt Block with a Shovel or Shovel like tool, you to can get Paths.

DirtChemy by Elucent, H41V0R, MCreator


DirtDiamond by sorazodia

Happy April Fools :P


This is a working progress mod

DirtFeul by Dunlix, MCreator

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