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Drawbridges by msvdaamen

Drawbridges placeholder mod.

Drawers & Bits by Belgabor

Specialized storage drawers for Chisels & Bits.




All the food you wanted is here!Lots of things like wine,tomatoes,even meat pickaxes and nyan cats!All here in your dream food mod...


This is the equel to Dream Mod 1 and 2


The sequel to the Dream Mod


This is the sequel to Dream Mod 3

DreamProtect by Sceri

DreamWorldRPC by Ilomiswir

Dreamworld zijn Discord Rich Presence mod.

DreamWorldRichPresence by Ilomiswir

Dreamworld's Discord RichPresence Mod

Dreamlo Skylands

Skylands, custom biomes, and weird overhangs mixed with normal world generation.


GoldDream's Money

DreenDex Cheat Mod by DreenDex

Just another cheat mod


Dregora, the result of over 4000 hours creating structures, landscapes and many more. - A 24.000 x 24.000 blocks hand-painted, realistic map with a twitch of fantasy.

Drgtch's kit by Dragotech

This mod adds a bunch of useful things, feel free to use it.