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DivineRPG adds a great deal of content and challenge. If you're looking for Minecraft on steroids, you've come to the right place!

worldgen mobs survival dimensions dungeons


Divine Weapons adds really strong(but also hard to get) weapons to your minecraft world [currently only one weapon]

Diving Gear by Lomeli12

Lets go diving sometime, eh'.

DixPeripherals by MarcusD

Example placeholder mod.

DiyoTweaks by mDiyo

Lots of small changes to the way the game plays.

DjsCore by Dj

Example placeholder mod.


This is my first mod so please leave any comments on the Mcreator website if there are any bugs and I will fix those right away.


19 Agosto 2015

DoReMiMod by Layla Do Re Mi(123), MCreator

Divirta-se no mundo D� R� Mi

Doctor Who Lucky-Addon Mod by CrossofLight

An Addition to the Doctor Who Lucky Block Mod for custom Drops


The Doener Mod


This is for real Doenermen!