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This is an `~*-/'?;,.@l mod

Diamond Buckets 0.95 by thorgot

Adds a whole bunch of new buckets which do a variety of things. But mostly they just hold lots of liquid.

Diamond Cookies

This mod provides a diamond-based alternative for the golden apple for playthroughs without the natural regeneration gamerule (also known as Ultra Hardcore)

Diamond Farm by ExampleDude

An Odd Farming Mod

Diamond Glass by Kreezxil, MCreator

Glass made with Diamond with the attributes of Obsidian

Diamond Lamps by blingsect, MCreator

Just a little decorative lamp.

Diamond Marker

Logs the position of mined ores

Diamond Meter by MCWizard111

Ore meter is a device that, when held in your quick-bar, will indicate if there is any ore based on the fuel you placed in it is near you.

Diamond Nugget by hellfire212

A diamond nugget.

Diamond Paxel Mod (Remake) by TheeAnonymousOne

This mod was basically a remake of the very old Diamond Paxel Mod by IWannaWin. I added a German name for it.

Diamond Tipped Steel Mod by TheModMonster

Allows the Player to craft Steel Blocks, Tools, and Armor. You can even plate your tools with diamonds!

Diamond Warriors Team MTS Pack

A content pack for MTS made by the Diamond Warriors Team, includes Diamond Vehicle Corporation (DVC)!


Diamond Bot Easy Recipe

DiamondCore by K_Sasha, Timeraa


This is an example mod


The DIamondDimension