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Mais Coisasa

Decoratable Christmas Trees Mod by Zenith08, CyberGamerX

Decoratable Christmas Trees for the holidays!

Decoration Mega Pack by 10paktimbits

Add a large variety of decorations

Decoration Mega Pack by 10paktimbits

Add realistic decorations to Minecraft.

Decorations by Aleksey Terzi

Decorations Addon for TFC.

Decorative Stuff by spacechase0

Stuff that's decorative.

DecorativeFluidInjector Mod by LeBossMax2

You can fill glass with liquids.


This is an example mod


Adds in Gru, Farts, and more!!

Decraft by Wojak006

DeCrafting the too many blocks and items!

Dedicated Block Update Detector by Domochevsky

Adds a block capable of reacting to adjacent block updates with a redstone signal.


A mod designed by Dedux for use in Dedux's Star Wars Modpack and server

Deep Mob Learning by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Mob looting, revamped.