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DQMIIINext by Azel, Guriguri

DQM3NextMod UnderDevelopment


Epopee Libre


This mod adds a new ore that can be used to make powerful tools and weapons, also adds a rotten flesh to leather recipe.


This mod adds a new ore and more tools

DWYW Support Mod by EliSussman

Do What You Want Support Mod (made for the modpack DWYW - Do What You Want)

DaBells by SkyNetAB Team

Our first mod!! We've added a couple of bells to Minecraft. Hope you enjoy them!!

DaVincing by hypercross, two

sculptures and pixel art

DaWik by ME

Mein mod

Dab Mod by Mariaum

I am the one!

Dabraleli Mod by Dabraleli

Fixes by Dabraleli.

Daedalus' Labyrinth by abecderic

Explore the many rooms and corridors of Daedalus' labyrinth.