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DoubleJump by K4Unl

Double jump on command!


Does the /lobby command twice. Created for the Hypixel server.


This mod add to game ore x2 = double ore.


Double Your Swords Recipes:


An extension to traditional Vanilla Minecraft.

Douglas Forest by EnderiumSmith

Adds a Douglas Fir forest biome

Dr Corester by DrMeepster

A library for my mods.


Dr. Dialgas Interesting Ites Mods Has The Most Interesting And Unexplainable Items Ever!

DrSquidsGunModv1.5.0 1.12.2 by DrSquid97, MCreator

A gun mod

DrZhark's CustomSpawner by DrZhark, Bloodshot

Allows mods to take control of spawning of custom mobs

DrZhark's Magic Carpet Mod by DrZhark, Blockdaddy

A Magic Carpet of your own

DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod by DrZhark, BloodShot, BlockDaddy

This mod adds many more creatures to Minecraft


This is an example mod