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Dragon Mounts by Barracuda

A mod that allows you to breed dragon eggs and foster them to ridable dragons.

Dragon Scales EX Mod by Jakester12, Heltrato, Hyghlander

EX means EXperimental!

Dragon's Radio Mod by Dragon

Dragon's Radio Mod adds a single block to the world - a radio. It is not simply a prerecorded sound player or dummy, It plays actual radio streams from the internet.

DragonAPI by Reika

DragonAPI is a function library and support mod which is relied upon by all of my mods. If you do not have the API, you will crash on game load with a NoClassDefFoundError mentioning DragonAPIMod.class



discover the dragon dimensions

DragonLogin by Draogn



for 1.10.2


Enter short description here

DragonSlayers 3.1.5 by Raiden, MCreator

Enter short description here

DragonWings Elytra by MessiahOfDoom

Dragon wings that work like an elytra.