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Electrostatics by kjmaster1

Early game rf generation using rubber boots and a carpet.


New source of Thermal Expansion electrum


Add Electry Pen


Dimention réunissant les 4 éléments


This mod add 5 element, 6 pickaxe and 6 effect


A mod that adds the elements.

Elemental Arrows by Cybermaxke

Everyone wants more arrows!

Elemental Caves

Modjam 4 mod. View on github for more info.

Elemental Creepers by Lomeli12

A complete rewrite of xSmallDeadGuyx's Elemental Creepers.

Elemental Dimensions by McJty, Elec332

Elemental Dimensions Adventure

Elemental Essences by TheCuriousSkeptic

This mod adds a variety of ores and essences to the game that allow you to craft vanilla items

Elemental Food by PolarFluid, OfficiallyPolar

Apples now have effects when eaten!

Elemental Invocations by TeamInfinity


Elemental Items mod by Langlitz

Items, weapons, tools and armor with different elemental aspects (WIP)

Elemental Masters by Sytheren

For those who love wrecking havoc on other mobs. This mod is for you.

Elemental Melons by J3FF97

Adding a touch of magic to Melons