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Excalibur SoundSystem by Xssnick

Sound mod to Minecraft

ExcaliburCraft by LeyxorCheysen

A sacred sword is worth a lot, but there is something that not everyone can control...

ExcavationMod by hotrodman106, MCreator

This adds a wand of excavation

Excel Modlist Exporter by KitsuneAlex

Mod that creates Excel spreadsheets with

Exchange Orb by MattDahEpic

Simple mod for converting various vanilla resources.

Exchangers by Jacky1356400, Turkey2349

Block Exchangers.


This is a mod that contains alota stuff! And trust me it's Epic!

Exhausted Stamina by Tage

Only swing your sword if it's fully charged


Mod creer par ExiLon2400


This is an example mod

ExitBook by yamato(waco)

ExlineCraft by Exline

ExlineCraft adds over 100 new items including, sandwiches, sushi, pizza, candy, new armors and tools. Also, new rare mobs to find including Bigfoot, Yeti, Albino Bat and a Nice Creeper! There are also some new crafting and furnace recipes.

ExlineCraft: Exline Tweaks by Exline

Part of ExlineCraft. Villagers drop emeralds on death, craft saddles and more!

Exotic Birds by Pavocado

The Fowlest Mod Around! Adds beautiful birds to the game, such as peacocks, woodpeckers and hummingbirds.

Exotic Matter by Grondag (aka Zaerudath)

Common utility library for Grondag's mods.