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Extended Fuels by Haighyorkie, BStramke

Implements new Fuels

Extended Generator

Vous trouvez que les biomes sont vides ? Ce mod rajoute plus de 25 structures !

Extended Hoppers by Axelf123

The extended hoppers mod adds two hoppers that allow you to filter only selected items through the hoppers.

Extended Inventory by 61352151511

Backpacks that are much more than extra space.

Extended Item Information by Alexiy

Provides various information about items

Extended Items Mod by Greenadine

Extended Items Mod adds many new great items like Emerald Tools, Armour and more!

Extended Items and Ores Mod by Creares

upgrades minecraft by adding new ores and items to find and create.

Extended Metals Mod by Rolik

Extended metals mod adds many new types of metals, tools and much more!.

Extended Potions by lumien

Increases the potion id limit.

Extended Shaders by FirEmerald

Adds extended shader support to minecraft , including multiple post- processing effects and multiple shader effects at once.

Extended Shaders by FirEmerald

Shader support for mods.

Extended Support by juh9870

Extended mods support for modtweaker.

Extended Workbench by Naruto1310

Upgrade your workbench, upgrade your life.