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This is an ExtraSilverMod

ExtraSkills by bright_spark

A mod which allows you to add new skills to Reskillable


This mod will add more swords to your world including a Soaryn killer sword!

ExtraTiC by Glassmaker

An Addon-Mod compatibility for Tinker's Construct including Metallurgy


A Extra Torch Mod


Adds Some Really Usefull Items

ExtraTweaker by Belgabor

A Minecraft mod to add some additional capabilities to CraftTweaker and some useful vanilla commands.


An Addon for ExtraUtilies

ExtraWands 2 by PunkSteam, NaNeHe

Gives Minecraft a litle Magic touch!

Extrabiomes Autumn Woods by allaryin

Autumn Woods biome and everything that comes with it.

Extrabiomes Core by allaryin

Core functionality of all Extrabiomes mods.

Extrabiomes Meadow by allaryin

Meadow biome and everything that comes with it.