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Evolved Enderman... Please! by WarWizardM

A mod to simply change the spawning logic of Evolved Enderman back to the one used by vanilla Enderman, so that they never ever spawn on a properly lit area.

Evolving's extra sets by Evolving_play, MCreator

Adds some armor and weapn sets

Ewy's Workshop by EwyBoy, VSWE

A fork of Steve's Workshop

Ex Aliquo by Zerokyuuni

skyblock addon

Ex Astris by LoveHoly

Ex Nihilo Addon

Ex Astris Rebirth by LoveHoly, MikeLydeamore

Ex Nihilo Addon

Ex Compressum by BlayTheNinth

Ex Nihilo Addon. Adds compressed hammers, automatic sieves and hammerers, wooden crucibles, ...

Ex Fusile by WanionCane

bringing back smashed/crushed/powdered ores to smeltery.

Ex Machina by reteo

Integrates RotaryCraft and Ex Nihilo into a seamless skyblock experience. This mod was loaded by JMOD

Ex Nihilo by Erasmus_Crowley

A mod designed specifically for skyblock maps

survival skyblock

Ex Nihilo 2 by Erasmus Crowley

Renew the world!

Ex Nihilo Creatio by Insaneau, OhYea777, Jacky1356400, BloodWorkXGaming

"From nothing, with progression"

Ex Nihilo NEI Add-on by Red Rock Fowl

NEI Add-on for Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo Omnia by Raven2396

Everything from nothing.

Ex Omnia by squ1b3r

Additional compatibility for Ex Nihilo and other mods.

Ex Parvis by VpzomTrrfrt

Useful things for a skyblock world.