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Everything Blocks by sblectric

Make blocks out of any item for dense storage and decoration!

Everything Explodes by ChaosTheDude

Makes shit blow up.

Everything Glows by ThatGamerBlue

Everything is glowing!

Everything Mod by LavaSnakeGaming (Creator), HarryTechReviews (YT Tutorials)

A mod with one goal, to add as much as possible

Evil Notch Core Loader by ExampleDude

Makes Vanilla Great again {1.2.5 Features} Also Contains Apis/Utilities

Evil Notch Lib by jredfox

An Api and Library for java and Minecraft By reflection and files

EvilCraft by kroeserr, _EeB_

An evil mod for Minecraft.

util tech worldgen enchanting mobs


Bridge ExNihilo and EvilCraft!

EvilOcean by Kormic911

EvilSky by Kormic911


EvoCraft 1710 by ModDevJ

Evolved Controls by ZigTheHedge

Just a couple of pretty controls to extend the vanilla ones.

Evolved Enderman... Please! by WarWizardM

A mod to simply change the spawning logic of Evolved Enderman back to the one used by vanilla Enderman, so that they never ever spawn on a properly lit area.

Evolving's extra sets by Evolving_play, MCreator

Adds some armor and weapn sets